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Never slack with a MarTech Stack

The Guide to Building Your Marketing Technology Stack

The journey of digital transformation is nomadic, with no final destination set for technological innovation. Just when modern marketers begin to settle with the right technology, they find themselves packing up and moving on to another device just to keep up with competitors.

On top of this, adopting the right device each time can feel laborious and futile, wasting precious time and resources which could be spent on more pressing tasks.

If only there was a guide for marketers, which would help them find technology that's a perfect fit for their marketing plan. Well, look no further, as Oracle Marketing Cloud, in partnership with The Drum, have a hot off the press 'Guide to Building Your Marketing Technology Stack’ - a guide that delves into specific areas of marketing most impacted by technology solutions and marketing platforms.

Here are our top 5 takeaways:

1. Packed like sardines in a crushed tech box

The sheer abundance of tech vendors available is enough to send even the most level-headed marketer running for the hills. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by choice, Scott Brinker, co-founder and CTO of ion interactive implores marketers to choose the correct tech by applying a ‘customer-centric perspective.’

2. Hot on the customer’s heels

According to research from Econsultancy, a mere 1 in 4 marketers understand the customer journey or would adapt their channel mix accordingly. Why are marketers failing to recognise the essential importance of cross-channel marketing for getting campaigns in the right gear?! Along with the right technology, tracking your customer’s touchpoint footsteps can help marketers gain a greater understanding of what makes them tick.

3. Incagement by engagement

When measuring engagement, there is a well-trodden path towards standard engagement metrics. However, these metrics don’t tell us why the customers clicked in the first place, or why they found that particular content attractive. Stepping back to question intention goes a long way when getting to know your customer.

4. Data tastes sweeter when it’s refined

In a world swimming in data, data and more data, the kind of intelligence marketers aim to gain is a vital consideration. Instead of amassing silos of data, marketers should choose a suitable technology platform that can collect appropriate data for the insight they wish to gain.

5. Hearing aid

Social media has hit marketing sideways since it entered the communication Colosseum, as no other platform offers the opportunity to attain real-time marketing and engagement. Social technology can help companies listen to imperative phrases or conversations which could go unnoticed manually.

Follow the link to download your copy of 'The Guide to Building Your Marketing Technology Stack.'

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