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Ikea introduces Swedish hip-hop to the US with a product video and Spotify playlist

Ikea Music Lab has announced that it is introducing Swedish hip-hop in America, with the launch at the Boston Calling festival. The retailer made the announcement by announcing a new product – Swedish HIP HÖP.

CP+B worked with Ikea to create a video that shows people walking out of the store with the HIP HÖP box, asking them how they will enjoy it and where they will put it in their houses. “I know I want it in the bathroom,” says one interviewee, while another debates how to pronounce the product.

The wry video is accompanied by a serious playlist, which CP+B created with music journalist Ametist Azordegan, known as the ‘Godmother of Swedish Hip-Hop'.

The Ikea Music Lab will introduce US audiences to Sweden’s most interesting and progressive R&B and hip-hop artists at the festival. Experimental Swedish performance group, teenage engineering Sound System, will also perform.

In addition to hip-hop, festival goers will get a chance to experience other Swedish products for the first time as well as the Ikea Music Lab. The household brand will offer the first in-person look at prototypes from Ikea’s upcoming party collection, Frekvens, before the product's 2019 debut in stores. Festivalgoers will also be able to taste the new Ikea veggie dog in the US for the first time before they are available in August 2019.

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