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Ad of the Day: Diesel employs the ‘Capsule’ to ensure meetings never last more than 15 minutes


By Kyle O'Brien, Creative Works Editor

May 25, 2018 | 3 min read

Diesel has launched it's 'The Capsule' campaign, which surprisingly has nothing to with it's signature clothing.

Diesel The Capsule

The Capsule shortens meetings

Never one to shy away from pushing the advertising limits, the spot shows a prototypical – and purposefully uncomfortable – meeting room has been designed to keep conference and gathering times to an absolute minimum.

Created by Publicis Italy, the idea was inspired from a statistic that quoted the average office worker spends around 9,000 hours in meetings during their career lifespan, in which 50% squandered. It was ultimately put into action by Diesel founder Renzo Rosso’s experience and ethos: “The best decisions I’ve ever made were quick.”

Premiering at Milan’s Wired Next Fest today (May 25), the experimental room is designed to expedite the decision-making discussions and processes that are so often unnecessarily drawn out during these planned, and often quite dull assemblies.

In a video describing ‘The Capsule’ a voice over discusses how boring regular meetings can be, with stock footage of dull office settings and drone-like employees. A trio of lab-coated scientists is then introduced (Diesel clothes are seen under their lab coats, lest one might think that the ad is totally unbranded) to tell us about the design of said capsule.

As the mock scientists describe their invention, we see the room in action as a group of people in Diesel clothing gathering in the metal pod with bubble windows. Meetings are timed out at 15 minutes and the cramped, unembellished space forces the group to get right to the point as the room gets increasingly tough to deal with.

The table starts to tip to one side, video screens only allow a few seconds for each slide, fans come on mid-meeting, then strobe lights and loud music are activated to expedite the proceedings.

The fashion brand hopes the results show that when choices are made quickly, there’s more time to enjoy life. This is an ultimate benefit of working for Diesel – the company continues with its progressive attitude towards an efficient work-life balance. It’s where the mantra “For Successful Living” was born, according to a release.

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