Watch Mark Zuckerberg and Maurice Levy talk live at VivaTech

Mark Zuckerberg

Watch below as Mark Zuckerberg sits down for a fireside chat with Publicis Groupe chairman Maurice Levy to discuss the topics like the role of technology in society, how it can improve people's lives as well as the inherent pitfalls that comes with it, exclusively on The Drum.

Before the interview, Levy told The Drum: "I’d like to discuss the Facebook journey and its development.

"Of course, we will also cover the recent issues that Facebook faced, without focusing solely on this as it’s been covered quite extensively by the media. I’d like to offer a broader perspective on Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg."

He added: "If I can get one or two personal anecdotes out of him I’ll be very happy.”

Levy also plans to question the Facebook chief executive about the ongoing alleged data breach from Facebook and the implementation of GDPR tomorrow (25 May).

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