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By John Glenday | Reporter

May 24, 2018 | 2 min read

A new brand study commissioned by Havas has identified memorability as the key goal for brands seeking campaign success – but only if it is remembered 60 days or more following a viewing.

In a congested market in which 49% of consumers feel ‘overwhelmed’ by brand messaging memorability was the key factor in attaining staying power, with the magic 60-day window cited as the point at which consumers finally spring into action.

The data was derived from focus groups and polling of 2,000 people quizzed on 2018 brand campaigns and determined that as few as 15% of all brand campaigns are recollected 60 days after being pushed out.

Nigel Hughes, MD of Havas PR, commented: “In this age of information, memorability is not earned lightly. Brand campaigns that can be recalled after 60 days become signifiers for consumer action, and the campaign becomes active rather than passive.

“The study found that once a campaign reaches this active recall status 13% of people are likely to buy a product or service as a result of it, while a quarter (25%) will mention it to family or friends. Reputation is also impacted, with 38% of people likely to think positively about a brand or organisation if they remember a campaign and 8% will then follow a brand on its social channels.”

Sky’s ocean plastic campaign attained the greatest unprompted recall for the year so far with 8% citing it as the campaign they remembered most clearly.

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