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Ad of the Day: EasyJet and Europcar create mockumentary about flying cars for hire

In a new series of adverts from EasyJet and Europcar, one might think that the future of flying cars for hire is here – unless, of course, you aren’t paying attention.

EasyJet and Europcar are taking customers on a journey to an alternate future in a new series of films in which hire cars can take to the skies – shot from the perspective of both companies’ helpful employees, who prove through the three-spot mockumentary, that flying cars for hire will not actually be available in the near or perhaps distant future.

Marking a 15-year partnership between the low-cost airline and car rental brand, the ‘Fly-Drive’ campaign envisions the future of travel in the best straight-faced comedic way.

‘Fly-Drive’ follows the stories of an EasyJet pilot trainer, ground staff as well as a re-imagined Europcar customer agent, bringing to life how the roles in airlines and car rentals might change in a world where cars can fly.

The films, by EasyJet’s creative agency, and some of the images and settings are laugh-inducing. Including one with the ground crew that shows how they would deal with landing the flying cars by using cardboard cutouts. Another shows a hapless man with whom a patient woman pilot trainer is trying her best not to lose her patience. A third with the Europcar staff shows them performing maintenance on one of the cars, then taking a break and lunching on the wing. No cars are ever seen flying in the spots, as there aren’t flying cars available to be hired by either company.

Instead, the spots promote the partnership of the two companies as the best way to fly and drive on your travels. The partnership between EasyJet and Europcar commenced in 2003, providing exclusive rates on rental services to customers, including a ‘Lowest Price Guarantee’ in EasyJet’s 31 destination countries.

The campaign was shot near Malaga, Spain and in Farnborough, United Kingdom.

Kim McDonnell, head of proposition at EasyJet said: “We are excited by future innovations that will make travel easier for our passengers. We therefore wanted to offer our customers an entertaining insight into what the future could hold.

“The mockumentaries allow us to create fun content for customers and highlight our long standing and successful partnership with Europcar, which millions of EasyJet customers use each year.”

Gary Smith, managing director, Europcar UK Group added: “We have a long-standing relationship with EasyJet and look forward to the future, by further improving the value and service delivered to customers.

“Our goal is to provide travelers with exciting new innovations addressing all their mobility needs. Who knows, one day we may well be in the business of supplying flying cars to customers.”

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