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British Council appoints Flow Creative to design teaching app

The British Council has appointed Flow Creative to design an education gaming app for teachers encouraging creative thinking and collaborative skills, following a competitive pitch.

The mobile enabled game will be initially launched in India, and used by teachers as a training tool. The app contains real world teaching scenarios, designed to give teachers the confidence and skills to encourage modern working practices such as team work, problem solving an creativity.

Karl Doran, creative director of Flow, said: “We’ve been working together with the British Council very closely to ensure the creative elements work culturally for the target market and meet the learning objectives. The designs feature race-neutral characters and simple classrooms, as the teachers using it will be based anywhere from a busy inner-city school in Mumbai to much more rural village schools.”

“It’s amazing to work with the British Council as it does such important work all over the world. The team’s really enjoying working on this project from a creative point of view, as well as having the opportunity to be part of a truly worthwhile initiative. As a young agency, we’re excited to be part of such a high profile campaign and can’t wait to see the final product being used.”

Lucie Johnson, digital content manager at British Council, added: “Flow impressed us at pitch stage with its originality. The team were really quick to grasp the complex brief and understand our key aim - to entice people to want to learn in a fun but not childish way - exceptionally well.

“This is a significant and exciting project for us as it supports a wider programme to help students acquire 21st century skills. We’re really pleased with how the designs are looking.”

The app will launch in June and if successful will subsequently be rolled out further afield.