BT launches countless paper aeroplanes for ‘Moments’ brand campaign

BT has launched its ‘Moments’ brand campaign, transforming the London skyline with countless paper aeroplanes flown as a metaphor for BT’s ability to help facilitate people being present for life’s most important moments.

Encompassing a TV ad, out-of-home, cinema, online video and social media the AMV BBDO campaign kicks off tonight on ITV

Zaid Al-Qassab, chief brand and marketing officer at BT, said: “Our new campaign recognises the different ways BT helps people to be there for the things, and people, that matter most. The ad celebrates the moments, big and small, that millions of our customers are able to have every day because of our products and services.”

BT’s connections push is the first man infestation of its new consumer group mindset which has seen it gather together its BT, EE and Plusnet brands together under a single grouping.

As part of this approach the telecoms giant is adopting a more consistent approach to its marketing and a focus on real people and their relationships.

BT: Moments by AMV BBDO

Added 18 May 2018
Agency: AMV BBDO
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