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Aleksandr puts his own spin on a Barbra Streisand classic in Meerkat Movie push

Compare the Market's fuzzy ambassadors, Aleksandr and Sergei, have returned to screens with their own rendition of the Barbra Streisand classic, Rain On My Parade.

Drawing inspiration from Streisand's classic 1968 film Funny Girl, the spot seeks to bring to life the variety of films that can be seen with a year’s membership to Meerkat Movies – the insurance provider's two-for-one cinema ticket service.

Shot on location in South Africa's Cape Town, the film pays homage to a number of Hollywood classics – but blink and you'll miss them.

It was choreographed by Oliver Casamayou the man behind some Cirque Du Soleil and Kylie Minogue routines, and involved some 500 extras.

The mascots' return to the screen follows on from speculation the brand was set to go in a different direction with its ads after it announced plans to can its longtime tradition of offering free meerkat mascots, to focus instead on onboarding people to the movie ticket side of the business.

Previous campaigns for Meerkat Movies have drawn inspiration from the likes of Batman and Star Wars, in a bid to capture how Compare the Market can help viewers access the magic of the silver screen for less.

The film was created by VCCP, with media planning and buying from Wavemaker.

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