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AI artist behind art for latest Bloomberg cover

AI artist behind art for latest Bloomberg cover

Independent thought may be one of the last bastions of human creativity amidst an unrelenting rise in computer processing power but even that citadel may be about to fall if the latest artistic works from a computer taught to paint are any indicator.

Stanford researcher Robbie Barrat is in the vanguard of these efforts having devoted his career to teaching computers how to paint novel landscapes without human guidance leading him to loftily predict that art galleries of the future could be playing host AI-generated works.

To prove his point, Barrat challenged his silicon student to create bespoke cover art for the cover of Bloomberg Businessweek’s AI special edition, with the program labouring for two full weeks over its masterpiece.

Speaking to Bloomberg proud father Barrat said: “AI is going to be one of the larger art movements of this century. It just has really great untapped potential.”

Whilst this may seem unimaginably alien to our own experiences the results have thus far been surprisingly familiar with Barrat’s AI artist finding itself subject to the same phases and biases as its human forebears.

Speaking of his creation Barrat added: “It would go through these bouts of generating really colorful paintings and really dark, gloomy paintings. It eventually got out of that.”

Long confined to the realm of Sci-fi Bloomberg’s ‘sooner than you think…’ edition contends that AI systems are already an everyday reality from driving carts to trading stocks and even exploring the depths of the planets oceans.

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