Pukka ordered to cease branding its tea as ‘detox’ by ASA

Pukka ordered to cease branding its tea as ‘detox’

Tea brand Pukka has come unstuck in the latest round of Advertising Standards Authority rulings after being ordered to stop branding its beverages as ‘detox’.

Under EU regulations such labeling is not permitted and must be removed from all future marketing, following complaints from two people.

The contentious word currently constitutes the product branding but from 2022 onwards Pukka will have to come up with an alternative name as the EU closes this loophole too.

The ASA wrote: “We told Pukka not to make references to general benefits of food for overall good health or health-related well-being in brand names unless those claims were accompanied by a permitted health or nutrition claim.”

Euan MacLennan, Pukka Herbal director, responded: “This ruling from the ASA contradicts previous rulings from Trading Standards and relates only to advertising. Pukka Detox tea will continue sell in the UK as has been permitted by Trading Standards until 2022.”

At present, the word ‘detox’ is not registered as a permissible health or nutrition adjective and cannot be used to describe the alleged benefits of food or drink unless backed up by a permitted claim.

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