By Katie Deighton | Senior Reporter

May 16, 2018 | 1 min read

The Spanish celebration of McDonald's Big Mac’s 50th anniversary stars a lonely worker slogging through a futuristic nine-to-five in 2068 – a time when food may not look the same as now, but burgers still evoke a sense of nostalgia.

Big Mac 2068 begins with our bespectacled protagonist being awoken by a hologram alarm, before walking to work in the rain protected by a hands-free floating umbrella.

He goes through the morning battling irritations such as junk mail appearing as an AR display in his glasses and elevator small-talk from a Siri-like bot.

When it comes to lunch, he looks forlornly on his Tupperware of compact, space age ‘lentil stew’. However his gaze is diverted by his female co-worker, who flirtatiously mimes the action of eating a Big Mac.

A voiceover announces that “a lot can change, except the things that will never change”, while the line reads: ‘Welcome to the next 50 years of the Big Mac.’

The spot was created by TBWA Spain and directed by El Cangrejo at Lee Films.

McDonald's Spain: Big Mac 2068 by TBWA SPAIN

By McDonald's Spain

Overall Rating 5/5

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