By Jenny Cleeton, Social Media & Video Content Creator

May 14, 2018 | 2 min read

Nearly two-thirds of the media and marketing industry have considered leaving due to poor workplace wellbeing, according to research conducted at The Drum’s annual Do It Day by Mind and Nabs. In our latest documentary, we investigated the reasons why the numbers of marketers suffering are so high.

In the video, head of workplace wellbeing at Mind, Emma Mamo, said issues comes generally stem from poor management and long hours.

“Employers need to really understand that looking after the mental health of their staff is a key priority but they need to make a positive culture around that to let people speak up when they are struggling," she said.

Lorraine Jennings, director of services and talent at Nabs, echoed this. She explained that data gathered by the industry support organisation showed training schemes need to be in place so line managers can ensure they are equipped to support staff.

She also reminded the industry that there are legal requirements from organisations when it comes to mental health support.

The documentary also features employees at different levels from various organisations responding to the figures with tales of their own experiences.

14-20 May marks Mental Health Week. If you are struggling with poor mental health at work, get in touch with Nabs and Mind.

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