Chip Shop-style ‘Trivago’ ad promises customers more bang for their buck

A spoof ‘Trivago’ ad showcasing the full spectrum of hotel room experiences in grainy mobile phone footage has become a hit on YouTube as people check in to see one couple’s steamy night of passion, next door to a bored man gazing out at the street.

The contrasting nights out made for great satire as the 10-second clip, shot by a mystery voyeur across the street, was cheekily re-appropriated with Trivago branding alongside the slogan ‘Same room. Different prices’.

Needless to say the unofficial footage hasn’t been sanctioned by the travel giant but has racked up over 20,000 views regardless.

Thus far the travel brand has been best known for subjecting London tube goers to the 'vacant stare of death' by 'Trivago woman' following a series of station takeovers.

The unofficial advert is in the spirit of The Drum's own Chip Shop Awards, which will be held on 13 June - the finalists for which were announced earlier this month.

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