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Schweppes creates touch sensitive dress to highlight female harassment in nightclubs

Schweppes is taking a swing at the harrasment of women on nights out by creating a dress that shows how commonly women's evenings are disrupted.

A specially designed touch-sensitive dress measured how many times three women are harassed in nightclubs following up on research claiming that 86% of Brazilian women have been harassed in nightclubs.

Three volunteers, Luisa, Tatiana and Juliana, were invited to wear a touch-sensitive dress at a nightclub in São Paulo. The fabric picked up when then were touched without consent - in real time.

The dress had several sensors applied to its fabric that registered in real-time when the three women were touched without their consent.

The research was published in video, looking to encourage men "to rethink their behavior and approach women with more respect".

The campaign comes from Ogilvy Brazil.

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