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Mother New York and Martin Starr wish human moms a happy Mother’s Day with nature videos

Happy Human Mother's Day

This Mother’s Day, comedian Martin Starr is helping remind us all how lucky we are to have human moms, and not be subject to the sometimes brutal practices of mothers in the wild kingdom.

Mother New York has released a series of nature documentary short videos titled ‘Happy Human Mother’s Day,’ voiced in deadpan docu-delivery by ‘Silicon Valley’ star Starr. It turns out that, compared to the giraffe, the cuckoo bird and a beetle, human children have it pretty good.

The giraffe births her young from a standing position, meaning that the baby drops to the ground from considerable height, while the cuckoo bird dupes another bird species to raise her young. The beetle raises her squirmy children in the carcass of dead vermin. So really, we have a lot to be thankful for as humans, meaning it’s time to give mom a hug.

The films live on a dedicated webpage, and the films are encouraged to be shared through the hashtag #HappyHumanMothersDay.

View all the films by clicking on the Creative Works box below.

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