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ITV instructs viewers to ‘Forget’ all they know about the World Cup in England-focused spot

ITV has unveiled its World Cup 2018 creative urging viewers to forget everything they know about the games.

ITV Creative has issued a call to arms to football fans around England, urging them to focus on what could be at Russia. The spot encourages ITV audiences to forget about the past – Maradona’s infamous handball, ‘the could haves’ and even England's 1966 win.

It features the moments that fans and players alike hang on to too tightly, using a diverse mix of edit and post-production techniques, along with specially shot scenes and the voice of Ashley Walters to build momentum and hype for the most unpredictable World Cup in decades.

The ad was pulled together by German director Hauke Hilberg.

It will premiere on ITV Network from Friday night (11 May), with spots also showing on Sky Sports during Premier League Super Sunday, Gillette Soccer AM and the Barcelona F1 Grand Prix.

Ed Ross, head of marketing at ITV, said: “Every World Cup, we head in with this huge level of expectation, always talking about the past, about great moments, about frustrating moments and about the best summer in 1966 English football has ever had. This time, we want to galvanise the nation by asking football fans all around the country to forget the whole history or joy and pain, because all that matters is now."

Tony Pipes, executive creative director at ITV Creative, added: "No one can hang on to a moment more than a football fan, so here they all are, flashes of memories, dreams and nightmares brought to life by Hauke's unique visions. We want you to forget history and I think we've done it in quite an unforgettable way."

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