Creative Director's Choice: Red Interactive’s Emily Zaborniak on Serviceplan’s ‘Adoptify’ campaign

Adoptify is our Creative Director's Choice

Creative Director’s Choice gives creative directors a chance to highlight the current work they think is the best out in the ad world – the ads and campaigns they believe are making a difference.

This week, Red Interactive’s group creative director, Emily Zaborniak, talks about the minimalistic beauty of Serviceplan’s music-meets-pets ‘Adoptify’ campaign for a Munich animal shelter.

You had me at “dogs” (and then kept me at a socially-benevolent use of consumer data and targeting). This collaborative effort between Spotify and a German animal shelter plucked at my heartstrings one guitar chord at a time.

Created by Serviceplan and perfectly coined ‘Adopitify,’ this partnership was inspired by a study that each dog has his or her own taste in music. (No surprises here, as my own Frenchie is finicky and particular about everything. Why not add playlists to her adorable quirks?) Then, apply that knowledge with the actual analysis of Spotify listeners’ tastes and it’s a pet adoption match made in audio heaven.

What stands out about this campaign is its beauty in minimalism. The concept itself is not overly complicated and moves with clear intention. It brings me back to one of the most fundamental notions of advertising: the biggest ideas are often the simplest. It doesn’t take a thousand layers of bells and whistles to effectively find your audience; it takes a focused purpose.

This carries through to the art direction. I mean, if you’re going to have 'dancing dogs', then give them a backdrop that makes them pop (and lock). The choice of monochromatic colors keeps all the attention on the pups, while making the mood light and happy (which is often difficult when dealing with abandoned pet realities). The few prop choices are also nice accents to warm-up the scene, and subtly place the currently-sheltered dogs in a home-like setting.

Lastly, in an age of data breaches and privacy issues, it’s encouraging to see non-intrusive information used for a cause. Here’s hoping every pet finds a dance floor in that much-needed forever home.

Emily Zaborniak is group creative director at Santa Monica-based digital agency, Red Interactive.

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