Ad of the Day: Persil butchers embroidered animals with condiments to show stains can be fatal

Persil Save Your Clothes

A crocodile meets an untimely ketchup casualty. A penguin is blotted out by a smear of jam. These tragedies can be wiped away by using wash soap brand Persil – according to a new new print campaign by DDB Mexico.

The ads for the detergent brand show that a stain on your favorite clothes can be fatal, but there is still life in your clothes if you use Persil. The Izod/Lacoste crocodile with his head splatted with a red stain isn't dead, merely out of commission until the next wash. The Penguin emblem hasn't shuffled off his mortal coil, he's simply resting under a stain until Persil can revive his little flightless wings.

The campaign uses visual puns to remind consumers that Persil can be used to bring them back from the brink. It's a simple visual but one that's powerful in its focus, and a concept that uses humor to sell stain lifting.

The tag of 'Save Your Clothes' at the bottom of the ad is subtle branding, letting the images of strategically stained clothes make a statement.

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