Rexona seeks to address mobility issues for the disabled in Jakarta with help from Google and Grab

Rexona is tackling the issue of mobility for disabled people in Jakarta using technology, like artificial intelligence, with a series of partners.

The Unilever-owned brand has built a voice-activated mobility assistant application called Gerak, powered by Google, that allows users to know which accessible places they should go to in advance based on their needs, as well as how to get there.

It is also working with WPP’s Mindshare to launch ‘Mapathons’, which allows the public to add wheelchair accessible areas and services from Gerak.

In addition, Rexona has a partnership with ride-sharing company Grab, as it recently launched the GrabGerak service, which has a fleet of 118 disabled-friendly vehicles with trained drivers. It plans to also run a series of ‘Gerakathons’, hackathons that will bring together Google developers, users with disabilities, and technology to build solutions

“Aligned with Rexona’s brand identity, we are committed to invite everyone to keep moving with no exception. Although this application works for the disabled, our hope is to get everyone contributing to the cause by providing information on disabled-friendly places through the Gerak application; the more people that contribute, the more we can help the disabled,” said Ira Noviarti, vice president for personal care at Unilever Indonesia.

“Beyond this, we’ll also have more initiatives like Mapathons and Hackathons where everyone can participate. Our hope is that this becomes a true movement for movement.”