Metrics mess: The Drum Twitter Q&A talks measuring video today

The fragmentation of the media landscape has made it increasingly difficult for advertisers to measure how their campaigns are performing across platforms.

Some networks have taken the matter into their own hands as of late. Last month, NBUniversal rolled out CFlight, a metric that measures all live, on-demand and time-shifted commercial impressions on every viewing platform. According to NBCUniversal, the impressions-based metric delivers advertising clients the “most comprehensive representation of their marketing campaign’s advertising exposures within full episodes of shows across all screens.”

To get the industry’s thoughts on today’s current viewing metrics and their effectiveness, The Drum recently hosted a Twitter Q&A to discuss the subject. While some participants agreed that metrics like CFlight are a step in the right direction, others pointed out that network-specific measurements could prove to be confusing for advertisers who want to compare the performance of an ad or campaign across different channels.

Check out some of the discussion from the Q&A below, and sign up for The Drum’s Video Futures event, which is happening next Tuesday, May 8 in New York City, here.

The Q&A also discussed topics including the 30-second spot, which non-traditional publishers are using video well and this year's NewFronts. Check out the rest of the conversation here.

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