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US Creative Work of the Week: puppets sing about inner city problems for Kansas City youth

Kansas City Youth Ambassadors Lessons from my neighborhood

There aren’t many children’s songs about how to tell if your parents are overdosing or how to avoid gunfire, but a campaign by VML has people humming along to tunes trying to teach youth in Kansas City these tough life lessons.

Since many people ignore urban problems like poverty, hunger, violence and drugs, to get the attention of potential donors for Kansas City Youth Ambassadors, VML and the organization had puppets sing and act out ‘Lessons from My Neighborhood.’ The campaign that tackles tough situations kids find themselves in while living in the inner city.

These educational songs aim to teach kids horrific life lessons, like how to know if a parent is overdosing or what to do to stave off hunger or duck and cover from gunfire.

Kansas City Youth Ambassadors is an educational, not-for-profit employment program designed to empower underserved youth with the knowledge that they, as teenagers, have a vital voice.

Those ambassadors who grow up in violent neighborhoods write, draw and paint as part of the healing process provided by the organization. Each song was adapted from these creative works by VML, creating a circle of healing that starts and ends with the kids.

For having the catchiest song about overdosing sung by puppets, our readers voted this campaign the US Creative Work of the Week.

To sing along with the songs, click on the Creative Works box below.

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