Organic India's CEO on organic product popularity and why they don't advertise on TV

Organic India's founder on increasing popularity of Organic products and why they don't advertise on TV / Organic India

Organic products have become the latest trend. According to a recent report by Assocham-EY titled, ‘The Indian Organic Market: A new paradigm in agriculture, the market size for Indian organic packaged food is expected to cross Rs 871 m by 2021 from Rs 533 m in 2016, on the back of expanding urban population base, rising health concerns, growing consumer spending on food products and deterioration of food quality.

One of the major players in the Indian organic market is the brand Organic India which sells organic herbal and ayurvedic health products. The brand has experienced rapid growth and has achieved loyalty among consumers over the years.

So much that the company's revenue in 2016-17 stood at Rs 350 crore and it is currently looking at a turnover of over Rs 500 crore by end of fiscal 2020.

The Drum spoke with Abhinandan Dhoke, chief executive officer of Organic India to find out about its marketing strategy in India.

He says: "At the heart of Organic India, is its commitment to be a living embodiment of consciousness in action. All products promote health, happiness and true wellness and are made with loving care, which is why our positioning is Organic India for Healthy Conscious Living.

"Market research and consumer immersions give Organic India very favourable reviews in terms of “the brand with superior quality products” and hard-core consumer loyalty. However, there is scope in terms of building overall brand awareness and recall. This year, the brand will focus on building brand recall, consumer franchise, consumer engagement and owning the retail space in terms of making Organic India the most visible brand."

There has been a massive push by the Indian government which is taking initiatives to encourage organic farming in India. In 2016, Sikkim was conferred the status of India’s first fully organic state and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi formally announced this at the sustainable agriculture conference in Gangtok.

Whether the people's understanding of organic has increased, Dhoke says: "The organic movement today, is perceived as a luxury for the upmarket, urban sections of society for whom affordability has never been an issue. But at Organic India, we believe that it is just a simple, traditional grass root approach, which got lost somewhere in the fast-changing agricultural DNA of a liberalised world. ‘Organic’ needs to be reintroduced as the one and only option on the food ladder at all levels – from the farmer who is growing the crop, to the consumer consuming it, across all strata of society.

"Amongst the aware and conscious consumers, demand for organic has seen exponential growth. They see organic as a way of life and not just products. This has led to many of the companies offering organic as a part of their overall range and constant additions to the range of products that are becoming organic from fruits and vegetables to cosmetics."

In terms of advertising, Organic India has a different approach as according to Dhoke, they 'purposely' don't employ TV as a medium for advertisement.

He says: "We strongly believe in building brand awareness through experts and influencers, especially through print and digital medium. Due to the superior quality of products, the brand’s core strength lies in the word of mouth generated from its loyal set of consumers.

"The brand strongly believes in building brand awareness through experts and influencers especially through print and digital medium. Our latest campaigns have been towards promoting our packaged food range which includes new healthy products like Apple Cider Vinegar, Coconut Oil and Stevia."

Organic India further wants to expand its inventory by introducing skin care products as well. Dhoke says: "Organic India’s vision is to be a one stop solution for all wellness products. Expansion will be a key brick to bring us closer to the vision. There are also plans in place for this year for capacity building and expanding product portfolio."

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