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April 30, 2018 | 4 min read

In this latest case study from the Dutch Digital Design collective, Porsche Netherlands created a loyalty programme that allows you to earn rewards and privileges by driving rather than spending money. From special routes and tickets for exclusive events to driver training programmes: the Porsche24 app.


Porsche Netherlands asked the Dutch agencies Kraftwerk (linked by Isobar) and Newcraft to develop a loyalty programme for all Porsche drivers in the Netherlands, not just those registered at an official Porsche dealer. But how do you create a loyalty programme for people who do not care about rewards that they can simply buy themselves? Most loyalty programmes are based on a simple principle: the more you spend, the bigger your reward. The Porsche driver programme had to be different, and get more Porsches on the road, literally.



The ultimate Porsche moment takes place behind the wheel. This is why Porsche and its agencies set out to create a loyalty programme that rewards driving rather than spending. The end result: an exciting app called Porsche24. Drive more, get more, and truly experience the Porsche lifestyle. Building an even stronger relationship between drivers and the Porsche brand, with every drive. And creating an opportunity for official Porsche dealers to reach out to those drivers on a regular basis. In short, Porsche24 is a platform that brings the Porsche brand, their dealerships and drivers together.

Porsche24 mobile app


The core of the Porsche24 programme is a mobile app that rewards every mile driven with points. These points can be used to unlock different levels that contain exclusive Porsche privileges and benefits. At the basic Silver level, for example, the drivers will receive discounted car servicing, a free car check-up at events and a free subscription to the Porsche magazine Christophorus.

Within the app you can also apply for special Porsche training days. Completing training will reward you with even more points and a special badge. There are a whole range of special badges to be collected.

As Porsche is a strong brand with an incredible amount of heritage, Kraftwerk created a world that embraces brand elements from the past in a fresh and modern way, working with illustrator Guy Allen; re-creating vintage Porsche posters, announcing exclusive routes offered within the programme as well as custom badges, inspired by the classic grille badges that Porsche clubs used to give out for events.

Every road possible was scanned to present drivers with a set of exciting routes that could take them anywhere, from a curvy country road to a legendary pass in the Alps.

For Porsche dealers, an experience-based customer relationship management platform was created allowing dealers to create events, personal invites, and reward the best performing drivers.

Posters created by illustrator Guy Allan


Porsche24 was launched with a personalised welcome package to all registered Porsche drivers, announcing the arrival of the app, as well as a short video.

Since its release, more than 25% of these Porsche drivers are now new ‘leads’ to official Porsche dealers. Changing the dealer relationship with their customers from a one-off sale to a lifetime relationship. This is absolutely key in the highly competitive Porsche after-sales market.

Porsche24 successfully revitalised the relationship between brand, driver and dealer.

This case was brought to you by the Dutch Digital Design collective.

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