By John Glenday | Reporter

April 26, 2018 | 2 min read

Guardian Media Group and D&AD have joined forces to oversee a new global festival in London, billed as an annual celebration of the power of creativity and how it moulds both business and culture.

Business leaders, thinkers and creatives will gather under this banner for the festivals launch in 2019, uniting different cultural quarters including design, film, advertising, gaming, music, fashion and architecture in a single goal.

GMG chief executive David Pemsel said: “At a time when digital disruption, automation and AI are impacting every industry, it is clear that creativity no longer simply powers the worlds of media, advertising and design - it is an essential component of any business’s long-term strategy.”

Tim Lindsay, CEO of D&AD, added: “This new annual event will be a one stop shop for anyone interested in creativity, innovation and contemporary culture. The world does not operate in silos. Our aim is to be an umbrella for all creative thinking, a platform for talent, and a place for business leaders, practitioners and the general public to be energised, invigorated and inspired to integrate creative thinking to achieve business success.”

Championing human creativity in the face of a rising tide of automation, AI and big data the gathering is an opportunity for designers to unite for the common good.

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