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Human organs become Fabergé eggs in Brazilian donation drive

McCann Health hashelped push an organ donation drive in Brazil by likening organs such as the heart, kidney and eyes to exquisite Fabergé eggs.

Embracing the concept of ‘who will inherit your greatest wealth’, the print ad campaign for Moinhos de Vento Hospital seeks to improve donation rates by equating precious organs to expensive jewelery.

This follows statistics produced by the Brazilian Association of Organ Transplants which found that only one in every eight potential organ donors actually ends up donating their organs.

Bruno Abner, McCann Health Brazil creative director, said: “The campaign seeks to promote organ donations through the most basic question: what you will leave as a heritage? What you truly have of most precious?”

Reproduced in selected Brazilian magazines the campaign conveys the priceless nature of critical organs for those people currently on the waiting list to receive one.

This approach contrasts with the often harrowing depiction of patients reliant on machinery to live used to push others into donating.

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