Sharp's Brewery and Universal Music support the musical debut of the ocean

Sharp’s Brewery has joined forces with Universal Music to promote the debut single of Keynvor – the artist otherwise known simply as the Atlantic Ocean.

Havas London was tapped by the brewer to create a campaign that highlighted its Cornish roots and help protect the coastal regions of its home.

The result is a 'significant collaboration' between fellow Vivendi companies Universal and Havas – an idiosyncratic campaign centred around a 4.44-minute song featuring the sounds of the ocean mixed into a composition by Sebastian Plano.

The name Keynvor is Cornish and literally translates to ‘Atlantic Ocean’.

The track will be published by Universal imprint Mercury KX/Decca Publishing on digital music providers such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Google Play. All revenue received from streams or downloads will be donated to charity Surfers Against Sewage, which helps protect coastal areas from threats such as erosion and pollution.

“We are committed to saving our unique and spectacular coastal regions,” said James Nicholls, senior brand manager at Sharp’s Brewery. “Based in Cornwall, and as surfers and ocean lovers, it’s heartbreaking to watch the water and the beaches that we love being slowly destroyed by humanity’s neglect and ignorance.

“The Keynvor project is built around, inspired by and intrinsically linked to the coast – what better way to save our beaches than recruit the ocean itself.”

Matt Swinburne, creative director at Havas London added: “Proudly based in Rock, Cornwall, and with beers including ‘Atlantic Pale Ale’, ‘Sea Fury’ and ‘Doom Bar’ – named after the infamous Cornish sandbar – the coast is such an inherent part of Sharp’s brand. Sadly, it’s no secret the UK’s coastline is under threat.

“This is something Sharp’s cares passionately about – so we’re proud to have created an innovative, permanent platform together that both celebrates and supports the coast, not just now but in the future."

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