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14 - 18 June

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Heinz tests the waters for ‘Mayochup’ on Twitter

Heinz has proposed a condiment combination that is causing quite a stir on Twitter.

On Wednesday, the ketchup brand asked Twitter to vote yay or nay for Mayochup, a ketchup-mayonnaise combination that is already sold in parts of the Middle East. If the product gets 500,000 votes of support, Heinz says it will make it available in the US.

Of course, the internet has mixed opinions on the condiment, with many pointing out that Goya already makes a product called Mayoketchup. Others are voicing the fact that ketchup-mayonnaise combos have been popular in Puerto Rico for quite some time.

Many have been quick to point out that the mixture of ketchup and mayonnaise is commonly referred to as ‘Fry Sauce’ in Utah.

Some are simply disgusted by the moniker 'Mayochup,' and are offering up alternative names instead.

Voting for Mayochup closes on April 15. In a statement, Heinz acknowledged that the name is causing "fierce debate" on Twitter, stating that "the brand has also committed to putting the final name up for vote" if it launches in the US.