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Corona uses live streaming to extend its music campaigns

Corona’s Sunset events, which now travel as far as Australia, Italy, Colombia, Japan, Canada, and Dubai, have brought on board to extend its reach online.

Representing a significant investment for brands, they are now turning to streaming platforms to increase their access to audiences and build awareness outside the event.

Ray Smith, founder and CEO of, puts this down to the growth of social media but he says the trick is about being very targeted in finding audiences, rather than just going for scale on social media.

“We are now in a world where social​ ​media ​is even more crucial to our practice, ​and ethos​, than ever. The sponsorship on Facebook, and on instagram, has become such an important tool for everything, not just streaming. However for our live shows, we have been able to channel each stream so it hits the correct market. We have done this with media partners and influencers who can direct the correct traffic to that one particular event,” he says. aren’t the only ones playing in this space, and Smith says the competition in the market helps raise standards.

“We are always striving to set the bar against our rivals. What Boiler Room do, for example, is awesome and they have their own way of working. We really feel with​ the events, festivals and brands we have worked with over the past few years, we have really raised the awareness on the platform. Providing streams at the IMS, Kappa and Awakenings, for example, are on a huge scale when it comes to electronic music, and we feel we​ have been able to provide the soundtrack for people working at home for example. We have been able to collaborate with Corona and now Bud Light which has ​enabled to create huge streaming numbers,” he adds.

The Corona Sunsets deal, which saw signed as the global event partner, will see them stream from Corona’s festival events across the year. The stage aims to capitalise on the moment between day to night, creating immersive spaces including music, art installations and branded stage designs. The events are also intended to become free from single-use plastic, and so helps Corona’s environmentally-friendly messaging travel round the world.

On the Corona deal, Smith says, “Working with Corona has been great, and it goes without saying, brands like these can open up a whole new world of streaming. We have been able to draft in brand new audiences; and engage with them, ​which, in turn, ​allows us to locate to some amazing venues and capture the soundtrack for our viewers. We have also worked with some artists and acts we wouldn’t normally work with, so, it’s been a really encouraging collaboration. I think in all, brand collaborations work really well and should always be considered. It’s a great way of pushing your outlet alongside theirs. Going back to the social side of things, this really pops​ into people’s eyes ​and minds​ as well, so it’s a total win win for both parties involved.”

In terms of innovating streaming, a young and hungry digital audience are wanting of news experiences. According to Smith this has been answered by the business in its new Off/beat program.

“We started last month in spy tower in Berlin. We intend to find the most unique and peculiar venues to provide that bespoke streaming and tailor it to that unique environment. It’s all about trying to change things ep, using 360° angles and really bringing the audience at home into the event as well,” he adds.