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Play-Doh launches the 'Gallery of Emerging Species' with David Attenborough styled voice overs

Play-Doh has launched an online gallery featuring new "species" as a follow up to its ‘A can of Imagination’ campaign that launched in 2016.

The documentary-esque 'Emerging Species' creative shows the different models in a line up with the voice over, reminiscent of Blue Planet, describing the features and characteristics of the clay creatures.

Created by DDB Paris, the creative is an extension of the campaign launched two years ago to celebrate the brand's 60th birthday.

As an online gallery, users are encouraged to zoom in and click on the line up of different species and select which ever they would like to learn more about.

Typically aimed at children, the advertising also contains jokes and references to attract, or at least entertain, an adult audience as well in the imaginative creatures biographies.

For example, the ‘Bigbrother’ creatures description compares the likes of Kim Jong Il, and a note saying it has been nicknamed the "Stalin of the countryside".

The description also adds tells of the 360-degree surveillance it has both day and night, an ode to George Orwell's Big Brother character in the 1984 novel on which the character is based.

The campaign has been launched online as an interactive interface for children to use to find inspiration for their own creations.

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