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Geo TV goes off air in Pakistan after alleged military interference

Geo TV goes off air in Pakistan after an alleged military interference / Geo TV

Pakistan's Geo TV has been taken off air in almost 80% of the country as a result of alleged military censorship according to the New York Times.

The channel says the move is an attempt to force the media organisation into submission. Pakistan's Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal too expressed concern over the suspension of Geo News and other channels of the organisation.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has already ordered restoration of all Geo TV channels on their actual position in a statement.

"The shutting down of any licensed channel is the violation of PEMRA laws. The authority has suspended the licenses of [cable operators] Wateen Multimedia Lahore, World Call Cable, Lahore and Karachi, warning if Geo's channels were not restored, their licenses would be cancelled," the statement said.

"Freedom of speech and the right to information are basic rights guaranteed under the constitution of Pakistan," Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) said in a statement with reference to the PEMRA’s notification regarding closure of licensed channels on cable TV networks.

The association demanded the media regulatory body and the Government of Pakistan ensure that no lawful licensed channel should be taken off air without following the given procedures under the law.