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Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg labels data driven ad opt-out a ‘paid product’

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg labels data driven ad opt-out a ‘paid product’

Facebook has revealed that it relies on data-driven advertising to such an extent that anyone wishing to opt-out would have to pay for the privilege.

The assertion was made by chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg during an appearance on NBC’s Today program, as part of a grilling on the social media firm’s mishandling of the Cambridge Analytica breach.

While at pains to stress that Facebook would never sell user information on to others or give it away, Sandberg confirmed that the data was so essential to Facebook’s survival that it would continue to use the information itself to help advertisers target campaigns.

Mindful of evolving public opinion however, Sandberg stressed that the platform was giving some ground, including allowing members to opt out of sharing portions of their data and blocking specific advertisers.

‘Our service depends on your data’, Sandberg confirmed. Adding: ‘We don’t have an opt-out at the highest level. That would be a paid product.’

Elsewhere Sandberg confirmed that Facebook was conducting a ‘forensic audit’ to ascertain what other data Cambridge Analytica might possess, warning that she expected to ‘find other things’.

As part of the Cambridge Analytica fall-out Facebook has made its data privacy tools easier to find in recent days.