Amnesty International calls in ‘Troll Patrol’ to police ‘toxic’ Twitter

Amnesty International calls in ‘Troll Patrol’ to police ‘toxic’ Twitter

Amnesty International has revealed it's 'Troll Patrol' on Twitter to catalogue abusive tweets aimed at women in the hope of devising an algorithm to automatically delete the offensive content in the future.

The human rights organisation singled out the network in its scathing #ToxicTwitter report, which was released two weeks ago revealing the social media site is failing women. It showed how those seeking to harass and abuse were subverting the social network for their own ends.

Designed to embarrass the platform into action the move will see volunteers recruited specifically to weed out abusive tweets targeted at female journalists, activists and politicians. The content will then be emailed to Twitter's chief executive Jack Dorsey to show just how much is out there.

Speaking to Business Insider Azmina Dhordia, technology and gender researcher at Amnesty International, said: “The more evidence we have to show Twitter how large this problem is and how it affects women of different identities in particular — ideally that will just all put pressure on the company to meet our cause and our demands for the #ToxicTwitter campaign and to show that this is an issue that they are going to take concrete action on.

"Much of the problem that women face when they experience abuse on Twitter is that Twitter’s own policies are not always being consistently and adequately enforced."

Conscious of the need to do more Twitter has undertaken a raft of measures in recent months to clean up its act, including measuring conversational health to tackle abuse.

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