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WWF sends Instagrammers to beauty spots that no longer exist to foster environmentalism

Crystal blue oceans, neon coral reefs and snow-topped glaciers are all things you're probably used to seeing on your Instagram feed if you follow travel bloggers; a trend that the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) has capitalised on with a twist.

For its latest campaign, the charity 'sent' roving Instagrammers to international beauty spots that no longer exist to show the impact human behaviour is having on the environment.

Based on the idea that since the mid-20th century some of the earth's natural wonders have disappeared because of people, WWF enlisted travel bloggers to post retouched images from "devastated paradises" on Instagram as if they were actually paying them a visit.

The comments underneath the landscapes read 'wow beautiful' and 'wish I was here' but then days later the influencers revealed that the beauty spots no longer existed, imploring millennials to take environmental action using the hashtag #TooLatergram.

Contrasting photos were then posted side by side to show what the landscapes actually look like now.

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For example a beautiful Thai beach has become a polluted coastline, while the Great Barrier Reef has lost its lustre due to coral bleaching.

The campaign follows on from WWF's hard-hitting Christmas ad in which it showcased the trauma an elephant goes through when its herd is attacked and killed by poachers for tusks.

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