Tesco Malaysia introduces reusable bar-coded bags in a bid to save marine life

Tesco Malaysia has launched a new bag design which helps to reduce single-use plastic bags, by encouraging customers to bring back their bags when they shop.

The design of the bag is intended to create a reason to keep it by offering shoppers discounts, ahead of World Earth Day (22 April).

The spot that promotes the new bags is titled 'The Unforgettable Bag' and was conceptualised by Grey Group Malaysia. It highlights how the use of plastic bags has put marine life to risk as fishes, turtles and whales choke on them and die.

Tesco will be introducing the reusable bag in three designs, illustrated with endangered sea creatures. Each of the animal designs contains a barcode, which will provide customers with a 20 cents rebate on shopping at Tesco when scanned. The rebate is valid until 31 December 2018. The bags are made of recyclable material and are durable.

Paul Ritchie, chief executive officer (CEO), Tesco Malaysia said: “We have halved the number of single-use plastic bags given out in our stores between 2011 and 2017, but the rate of reduction is not fast enough. We hope that we’re able to accelerate the reduction of plastic bag use in our operations. Our aim is to further halve the number of plastic bags this year through ‘The Unforgettable Bag’ campaign”.

Grey Group Malaysia’s executive creative director, Graham Drew said: “Every time a bag is brought back, it’s one less in the ocean. With ‘The Unforgettable Bag’, we believe more people will get into the habit of reusing bags. While it seems like a small thing, but together we can all make a huge difference”.

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