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Oxford Street launches 'Confashionals' social campaign with Media Bounty

London’s Oxford Street has partnered for the first time with agency Media Bounty to create and launch a social media campaign entitled ‘Confashionals'. Media Bounty will work with the New West End Company, which represents the famed shopping destination, asking potential consumers to confess their ‘online shopping sins’ for the chance to win personal shopping sessions and gift cards times to highlight the famed high street shopping experience within the capital city.

The London based agency will run the campaign across all of Oxford Street's social channels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from 6 April for four weeks. There will be weekly competitions aimed at building awareness of the benefits of shopping on the famed fashion street, encouraging shoppers to ditch online shopping while highlighting the benefits of shopping on the esteemed high street.

Nabila Richardson, group digital manager for New West End Company, said: “We previously ran all our social activity in-house, and this is the first time we have done a larger scale campaign in partnership with an agency. Media Bounty really got us as a brand straight away and came up with an idea that was not only creative, but something we’ve never seen before. Our mission is to be the first for fashion, technology, innovation and entertainment and Media Bounty has shown a great understanding of that.”

In 2017, Oxford Street was named the busiest street in Europe, with a footfall of 13,560 pedestrians an hour on average according to BNP Paribas Real Estate's first fully comprehensive Pan-European Footfall Analysis.