Snapchat declares itself 'A New Kind of Camera' in first TV ad

Snapchat's first ever TV ad will air on TBS during the Final Four tonight (2 April), with the app seeking to raise awareness by explaining in the broadest terms what the upstart believes itself to be — a camera company.

The spot, titled 'A New Kind of Camera' shows users doing everything from taking family portraits, to brushing their teeth wearing a flower crown filter and using the app's Snap Maps and Stories functions.

Coming just over a year from Snap's IPO, the ad will be looking to boost its 187 million global user count and shake off the perception it's just for teens.

The endline of the 60-second ad plays up to the app's raw and esoteric feel, and appears to take a dig at Facebook-owned rival Instagram which is popular among bloggers and known for its pristine flat lay aesthetic. A voiceover states: "So, yeah, Snapchat is a camera — where how you feel matters more than how you look.”

Snap is also launching a broader digital campaign in the US to coincide with the TV push, including a website to educate consumers about the app.

Snapchat bills itself as 'A New Kind of Camera' in first TV ad
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