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Ad of the Day: Cadbury's live 360-degree Facebook Easter Egg hunt

Confectionery brand Cadbury has devised a sweet treat with a difference for chocaholics this Easter with the launch of the first live 360-degree Facebook video Easter Egg hunt.

Eagle eyed social media users were encouraged to log on and scour a virtual landscape for fiendishly hidden eggs during a one-hour event that drew 220,000 spotters from across Australia who between them posted 70,000 comments.

Devised by Ogilvy Melbourne and Alt.vfx Sydney the creative campaign saw the first person to spot an egg and comment rewarded with some real-world chocolate to munch.

Ogilvy Melbourne executive creative director, David Ponce de Leon, said: “A Cadbury Easter is all about joy and wonder, and there’s nothing more exciting than scouring the backyard for every last egg, but why should the kids get all the fun? We wanted to create an experience that would remind all Australians of the happiness an Easter egg hunt brings.”

Last year Cadbury raised religious hackles after it opted to remove the word 'Easter' from a National Trust egg hunt campaign.

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