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Men paid 2.8% more at Viacom UK - but Channel 5 pays women more on average


By John McCarthy | Opinion editor

March 28, 2018 | 3 min read

Viacom has aired its mean gender pay gap. So far the broadcaster has struck the greatest balance in the UK media although there remains a discrepancy with women taking on executive roles and receiving bonuses.

Channel 5

Channel 5

The government requires companies of more than 250 staff to report the pay deficit between the genders and in the media sphere. Trinity Mirror’s sits at 15% in favour of men, Channel 4 at 28% - treble that of the BBC’s deficit and ITN 18.2%.

Viacom has seven subsidiaries or joint operations in the UK, but only two crossed the 250 staff threshold, nonetheless, the broadcaster opted to include the data for the whole operation in its report.

Across the company, there is a mean gender pay gap in favour of male employees of 2.8%. Nonetheless, a problem apparent across the board was bonuses. Mean annual bonus payments were 33% higher for men than for women.

The first group Viacom was required to announce was Channel 5 where women were on average paid 2.85% more. However, bonuses were still skewed towards men, sitting at 21.3%. The second subsidiary was VIMN UK, where the gender pay gap was 11.7% weighted towards men. Similarly, bonuses were 37.6% higher for men.

It noted that the workforce was split evenly between men and women, but more men are in higher paid roles.

James Currell, president of VIMN UK, Northern and Eastern Europe, said: “Our performance compares well with the national average, but we still have areas of marked imbalance, particularly on bonuses.

“We are evolving our employment practices with a view to eradicating our gender pay gap over time – making further progress against this objective will be a key performance indicator for our senior management team in 2018 and beyond.”

Media Pay Gap News

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