Lagardère helps Bundesliga tailor stadium perimeter ads on TV using AR

Lagardère Sports Germany and LED ad company ADI have partnered to help deliver region-specific virtual perimeter ad boards around Bundesliga football grounds.

The technology will enable broadcasters to attach relevant ads to stadium hoardings by integrating with Supponor’s virtual advertising augmented reality platform.

The companies are deep into trials with the technology that look to tailor perimeter ads to region. German Football League (DFL) has approved the deployment of the technology and will look to reap the financial benefit of being able to insert brands into different live feeds of each match – much like how Accenture has promised to do for Netflix on the product placement front.

The technology has officially been tested in three rounds of Bundesliga matches, including a live deployment for Borussia Dortmund vs FC Augsburg. The modified feed was fed to some 80 international broadcasters including BT Sport. German speaking countries however, saw the original ad-hoardings.

ADI, Supponor and Lagardère claim the technology can help clubs increase revenue by helping brands deliver tailored in-stadium messages to viewers.

Philipp Hasenbein, managing director of Lagardère Sports in Germany, said: “We are convinced that the use of virtual perimeter advertising will provide an enormous boost to the entire Bundesliga’s internationalisation efforts. As an international marketing agency, the technology enables us to create added value for both rights holders and sponsors. We chose Virtual Hybrid digiBOARD because it is the only virtual replacement LED system we’ve seen that delivers on reliability, functionality, and broadcast quality.”

Geraint Williams, chief executive of ADI, added that the company has handled LED ads for Lagardère Sports in the UK “for many years” and will be expanding this partnership to Germany. “The DFL have proven themselves to be really progressive in their approval of our Virtual Hybrid LED technology and we’re excited to be supporting Lagardère Sports in their roll out.”

The technology has also been tested in the UK but awaits approval from the EFL and Premier League. Nine clubs, including Watford, have invested in ADI digiBOARD systems over the past 12 months, these can be upgraded to work with Supponor’s virtual advertising platform.

Check how it works below.