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Steven Spielberg says no to ‘SpielBurgers’: director tells Carl’s Jr to stop using his name

Steven Spielberg has some beef with Carl’s Jr.: the Ready Player One director isn't down with the chain changing the name of its Charbroiled Sliders to SpielBurgers.

The burger business has been paying homage to the famed director ahead of Ready Player One's release by touting the release of SpielBurgers, which are featured in a video and on the brand's social channels.

On social, the brand has been trying to get the attention - and approval - of Spielberg himself. In a tweet posted on March 26, Carl's Jr. said that "Spielberg hasn’t signed off yet, but we assume he’s cool with it."

But Spielberg isn't feeling the love: in a Twitter video posted to his production company Amblin Entertainment's account, he tells Carl's Jr. to "cease and desist," although he admits that the burgers are "pretty good."

Carl's Jr. responded with a tweet of its own:

According to USA Today, Carl's Jr. has a licensing agreement regarding Ready Player One. An Eater article surmises that the SpielBurger drama is just one big marketing stunt concocted by both Carl's Jr. and Warner Bros, the studio behind the the film.