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Mindshare launches '24' globally to turn around clients' briefs in one day

With 24, the agency can work on a client brief quickly and clearly state the challenges and objectives required

Mindshare has launched a new service that produces a campaign within 24 hours of a brief being submitted by clients, who will only pay if they like the idea.

The Group M-owned agency wants the service, named Mindshare 24, to kickstart and scale creativity during the planning process, as it is usually ‘boring’ as the agency currently follows a three-phase process of planning and then offers 30 pages of analysis and only one page of ideas.

Now, with Mindshare 24, the agency can work on a client brief quickly and clearly state the challenges, objectives and any specialist information required. The agency’s data visualisation service The Loop, will then turn real time data into insights..

“Any brand that is interested in quick and powerful ideas anywhere in the world should call us or even just send an email, go to bed, and then wake up with a world-changing idea. Traditional comms planning is dead and the days of tease, excite, reveal are over,” said Nick Emery, global chief executive at Mindshare.

“Mindshare 24 is fast and fun and that is why we are doing it – it’s the creative antidote to a ‘tech is the only solution’ view of our world that is pervasive. Mindshare has always been about speed, teamwork and provocation and Mindshare 24 is a natural extension of that for a world that moves at the speed of culture.”

The service is now available for all of Mindshare’s clients with key hubs in London, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, Portland and New York.

Both independent and network-owned agencies are increasingly working on the speed of the work they are producing for clients. In Singapore, independent creative agency Goodstuph created a division called ‘Jason’, provide same-day idea delivery services to clients.

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