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Flattr launches in the US with The Drum Speakeasy event in Austin

The Swedish-based content monetisation platform for creatives, Flattr, launched in the US with an exclusive party for creatives in Austin, at The Drum Speakeasy pub. At the Flattr Yourself event, the platform also hosted and curated an exhibition to showcase some of the work on its site and to celebrate writers, musicians, storytellers and videographers.

The launch coincided with SXSW 2018 in Austin.

Co-founder and product manager Linus Olsson said the reason for the US launch during SXSW and with The Drum Speakeasy was: “You couldn’t find a better place (than this) to launch, where creativity goes crazy and everyone meets everyone.”

The platform for artists and creators, offers an automatic and effortless way for creators to make money from their online content and for fans to give back to the creators they love. Flattr believes that the current financial mechanisms of the internet are unfair and wants to instil the belief that every single individual has the power to contribute with a small contribution to produce a fairer and more sustainable internet.

He further explained, “Flattr is a contribution platform that aims to make it easy for anyone who wants to support creativity and creators to help them to create the content that they want to create.”

Talking about the importance of creative collaboration, Flattr creative copywriter Thomas Woodford added: “When we work together we can make much more beautiful things. And it is something that I’m witnessing here in Austin. For instance at SXSW music festivals at Spider House — 40 bands, five stages and everybody supporting each other. There is a real cool vibe.”

The Drum Speakeasy Flattr event included a night of music and mixology, with a special burnt orange cocktail vodka created exclusively for the night.