Apple’s Tim Cook calls for ‘well crafted’ privacy regulations in wake of Facebook fiasco

Apple’s Tim Cook has placed himself at the vanguard of calls for more stringent regulations on data privacy in the wake of a massive leak of Facebook user data.

Addressing the China Development Forum, Cook took the bull by the horns to call for tighter controls to prevent data from being passed on and repurposed without informing the original owner – clear reference to the scandal engulfing Facebook which has been beset by critics since it emerged it had lost control of information on 50 million members.

Cook said: “I think that this certain situation is so dire and has become so large that probably some well-crafted regulation is necessary. The ability of anyone to know what you’ve been browsing about for years, who your contacts are, who their contacts are, things you like and dislike and every intimate detail of your life -- from my own point of view it shouldn’t exist.”

In more general terms, Cook warned that people have become far too lackadaisical in surrendering personal information online, unaware that ‘detailed profiles’ could now be built without their knowledge.

Facebook has resorted to some crisis PR in a bid win back trust amongst the public, taking out a raft of UK newspaper ads to convince doubters that it is now taking the security of their data seriously.