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YouTube Re:View: Taylor Swift, heli-jumps, and self-driving cars

YouTube Re:View

Welcome to YouTube Re:View. This week, we see Taylor Swift flourish outside of the media spotlight, witness Will Smith's response to his heli-jump challenge and find out that a dissertation actually exists on a famous Reese Witherspoon movie. We will let you guess which one.

Taylor Swift has fun away from the cameras

Having peaceful moments away from the watchful eye of the media are pleasures that are few and far between for most celebrities. Singer Taylor Swift has had her fair share of media battles. But what would she do if she could pop that bubble and finally get to be herself?

In her new single 'Delicate', we see her luck change for one night when she suddenly realises no one is watching her and that's when the true fun really begins.

Feeling liberated in her new found knowledge of doing anything she wants, she makes the most of it. Fans can see her dancing, making goofy faces, dancing on top of hotel lobby desks - the pressures of stardom are well and truly gone, for now.

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Years & Years come back with dystopian inspired song

Why did it take Years & Years literally what felt like years and years to release a song? Back with new song ‘Sanctify’ and set in a dystopian future where androids rule over humans, the video features lead singer Olly Alexander entertaining androids with energetic dance routines. Olly says the song was shaped by his past experiences as well as his ‘coming out journey’.

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Want to ride in a self-driving car?

Self-driving cars are the hottest cars around but only a rare few have gotten a chance to actually get inside one. Not anymore, thanks to tech of course. In this video, Waymo takes us through all the latest technologies the car uses to detect the environment around it such as radar and high resolution cameras to detect visual information. For instance, in a fraction of a second it can identify exactly what is around it. Pretty cool huh? Now get your Google Cardboard VR headsets out and explore for yourself.

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Will Smith is challenged to heli-bunge!

Yes Theory, a group of four friends from four different countries like to push people to rise above their comfort zones. But what is it like challenging one of the most famous and thrill-seeking actors on earth?

In this humorous video, Will Smith has his meditation interrupted by a shrill voice crying out his name. It turns out, he’s been challenged: to heli-jump, aka jump out of a helicopter. And why Will? Because the man has bravely fought off aliens, zombies and robots. Only now, it's time to take it to the next level.

Watch him as he begins his intense research process and even try a simulation involving a mini doll of him being dragged around by a drone…

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Reese Witherspoon receives dissertation on Legally Blonde

In this sweet video, journalist Lucy Ford can’t hide her glee when she gets to hand Reese Witherspoon her 15,000-word University dissertation on Legally Blonde and strong female characters. Reese is truly humbled, saying ‘it means a lot to her’. Oh and just for an added touch, Lucy scented the dissertation too. Yes, we are feeling proud too.

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Creator Spotlight

Paralympic Games

GB’s Menna Fitzpatrick, a visually impaired alpine skier (she only has 5% vision), returned to the UK this week with her guide Jen Kehoe after winning gold at the 2018 Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang. She's also one of the faces of Toyota’s latest ad campaign #StartYourImpossible. Feeling fully inspired and bursting with admiration? Yes, us too. For more insanely “you’re incredible” sporting moments, make sure you check out the Paralympic Games channel too.

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