NBA seeks eSports dominance with creation of new league

The NBA has become the first professional sports organisation in America to fully embrace the burgeoning field of eSports with the launch of a dedicated league next month.

Teams are already being invited to join the NBA 2K League with 17 of 30 NBA franchises fielding their own online squads in pursuit of a $1m prize fund.

Prospective players must be aged 18 and older, have graduated from high school and won at least 50 games in Pro-Am mode prior to January in order to participate in the new league. Those who surmount those hurdles can look forward to six-month contracts worth $35k and a basic salary of $32k.

Players will also be able to supplement their incomes by signing their own endorsement deals and will be paid all housing and relocation costs.

There are now an estimated 130 million competitive gamers worldwide in a fast-growing market which is currently valued at $1bn, but is now facing new challenges from the likes of drone racing and Formula-E.

In an effort to get a handle on the putative sport The Drum filmed an eSports documentary to instruct players and non-players alike how best to play the game.