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Boots overtakes M&S to become top ranked brand among UK women

M&S Booted off top spot in BrandIndex’s Women’s rankings

High street chemist Boots has supplanted venerable department store chain M&S as the top ranked brand among women, according to the latest YouGov BrandIndex survey.

The analysis confirmed that Boots jumped from third place in last year’s list to first place this time round with an impression score of 54.2; just ahead of John Lewis and Heinz which just fell short with respective scores of 53.9 and 53.6.

M&S meanwhile slipped down to fourth place with a score of 52.9, just ahead of BBC One in fifth position with an overall ranking of 50.3. It’s not all bad news for M&S however with the retailer retaining its lead in the key target demographic of those aged 35-49 and 50+.

Younger customers shun the brand however with those aged 18-34 favouring flat-pack favourite Ikea.

Amelia Brophy, UK head of data products at YouGov said: “Despite a tough time for high street retailers, Boots has cemented itself as a force among female shoppers. Women’s impression of the brand has improved in the face of some negative press around its morning after pill pricing, which threatened to damage its reputation.

“Ikea is a brand that has seems to be guarded from the struggles that other brands that operate on retail parks have had. Our data indicates that its popularity among younger women is high, indicating its combination of value for money and stylish products remains as relevant to this generation as it has in the past. M&S remains a well-regarded brand, despite its drop from the top spot. As we’d expect, it its particularly popular among middle-aged and older women. It has enacted various strategies to appeal to younger consumers, and that still remains a challenge.”

In terms of brands registering the largest increases in impressions among women over the past year, Netflix comes top with an increase of 7.3 points, illustrating the growing global clout of streaming services.

Boots scored a big win on Mother's Day with a heartfelt clip from daughters declaring how much they love their mums.