Quilted Northern gets confused for a lot of… stuff in series of ‘really nice’ spots


By Bennett Bennett, Staff writer

March 21, 2018 | 2 min read

Quilted Northern has released a series of 9 15-second spots for its latest campaign, 'It’s just really nice toilet paper.'

Created by Droga5, the spots play up the toilet paper’s defining characteristics, as “people everywhere” somehow confuse the bathroom fixture as things you’d least expect, if at all. For example, one ad compares it to a bouncy castle, highlighting its durability, flexibility, and that undisputable need to have it at parties.

The toilet paper, almost understandably, talks about the confusion between the brand and the couches of your loved ones—they’re both there for you during hard times. Viewers can also make the connection between the brand - which has layers and spins on an axis of sorts - and the Earth.

When asked about the challenges of bringing personality — and humor — out of a brand in the loaded category of toilet paper, Santiago Arboleda, director and brand building lead at Georgia-Pacific, said: "We used storytelling as the foundation to tell people what the brand stands for, with a focus on craftsmanship and attention to detail. Then we used humor and arresting visuals,” like the lush, blow-dried fur of an Angora show bunny in one spot, “to breakthrough and grab your attention."

Droga5 creative director Matty Smith added: “Most of Quilted Northern's competitors sell toilet paper by dramatizing the experience of using it. But our testing confirmed that no one wants a reminder of what toilet paper is used for. So we didn't talk about what Quilted Northern's used for. We reinforced what Quilted Northern is by reminding people what it's not. Quilted Northern is made with such attention to detail, you might think it’s more than toilet paper. It isn’t.”

Quilted Northern: advert-body-1 by Droga5

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