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Ikea defuses furniture buying tensions with ‘Matchers Keepers’ YouTube show

Ikea is seeking to smooth over shop floor arguments between aesthetically divergent partners with the launch of ‘Matchers Keepers’, an episodic YouTube game show in which couples and flatmates pair up to see just how closely their tastes align.

The brainchild of 72andSunny Amsterdam, the promotion plugs into the launch of Ikea Place on Android by nipping the potential for arguments in the bud by transmuting differences of opinion into fun and games, which show how easy it is to establish common ground.

Lifestyle blogger Caroline Solomon has been handed hosting duties for the pastel-hued three-part series in which contestant’s parody furniture-focused disagreements while using the Ikea Place app to pick and position products. Winners are chosen from those who independently choose and place the same items in the same location.

Michael Valdsgaard, leader digital transformation at Inter Ikea Systems, commented: “When we first launched Ikea Place, we gave our customers the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’ for the first time since Ikea was established. Customers truly appreciate that and we are now helping them to create a better life at home using our AR technology.

"Today’s release is about bringing the ease of IKEA Place to over 100m Android devices.”

Ikea's humorous approach was best evidenced by a crib discount offered to pregnant mums who were willing to pee on one of its ads.

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