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66% of voice-assisted device owners never purchase through them, says report

66% of voice-assisted device owners never purchase through them, says report

Despite a huge frenzy around Alexa Echo and Google Home, only 40% of consumers own a voice-assisted device out of which 60% never browse on them and two-thirds (66%) never make purchases on them.

A report by Episerver titled “Reimagining Commerce: Global Findings” further states that 35% of consumers now own a smartwatch but two-thirds (66 %) of smartwatch owners never browse on them and 70% never purchase through them.

Meanwhile, 40% of consumers have reported their interest in augmented and virtual reality during their shopping experience. While, more than half (51%) of shoppers never want to try new technology functions again because these technologies did not improve their experiences.

Episerver surveyed 4,000 online shoppers in four global markets for the report.

Ed Kennedy, director of digital commerce strategy at Episerver said: “While consumers are willing to shop across channels now, they’re still warming up to new devices like voice assistants and smartwatches.

“It’s up to brands and retailers to set the tone here and nail down the search experience on these devices to ease customers into shopping with new technologies. Regardless of device, consumers expect frictionless and personalized shopping experiences that are consistent from one device to the next, and the brands who get this right across devices will emerge as the commerce leaders of tomorrow.”

Joey Moore, director of product marketing at Episerver said: “Today’s shoppers are interested in technology-rich experiences, but only if it’s done right. Rather than introducing novel technology for the sake of doing so, brands should implement tools like smart mirrors in-store and facial recognition sign-in online to make shopping easier, fast, more convenient and engaging.”

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